Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I bought this rare looking antique door bell (I think so) from a friend in KL. I couldn't find the manufacturer's name or date anywhere on the item. Perhaps this piece was used in a school or office in the earlier days..(may be somewhere around 1940's or 50's. I tried to search for more information but there was none or even close to it. Maybe anyone out there who is expert in antique products can assist me with some information.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


1 of my early wall lamp I got it from my dealer friend house(after haggle and buging him), after restoration and wiring it looks nice in my living room , eventhough my other half not agree to fix at my living room. (now she's very happy with this fixtures).
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My antik collection

This is my KDK de Luxe fan Made in Japan.I'm not sure what year this model is ...maybe someone out there can let me know. I'm also collecting few others model of fan as well such as G.E.C ,Hitachi and Limit. All of this fan has been restored and work in perfect condition.

My Bakelite Siemens telephone circa 1940's or 50's I guess..still in working condition and I used it for my house phone right now..however the ringing tone is very loud and make me shock every time it rings.

Just want to share with the people who have the same passion (collecting antique stuff) this is my early collections of antik"botol susu" that I collect few months ago..check it out..